Christina Board Votes To Cut $10M Should Referendum Fail, See What They Cut

On June 9, residents of the Christina School District will be asked to vote on four questions to help our District retain, rebuild and restore programs, services, facilities, and staff positions. CSD says they are committed to finding solutions that best serve their students and the community. The capital and operating referendum will help with major building renovations, new learning environments, day-to-day operations including funding for students, instructional materials, teaching, and support staff positions and benefits.

  • The Capital Referendum funds updating and replacing major building systems and addressing critical maintenance and facilities challenges in Christina schools.
  • The Operating Referendum funds day-to-day operations to include funding for students, instructional supplies, teacher and staff salaries and benefits, utilities and more.

If the referendum fails the district voted Tuesday night to cut almost ten million dollars from the budget. The list of cuts can be viewed below.