Troopers Confirm That Veterans Cemetery Shooter Is Dead

The Delaware State Polic have confirmed the suspect responsible for the shooting of two people Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery and who also had exchanged gunfire with officers, was located deceased in the wooded area where the exchange of gunfire took place.

At this time the area is secure and there is no threat to public safety. The investigation is ongoing therefore a significant police presence will remain in and around the area for several hours.

Breaking Report

Bear –¬†Just before 10:30 Friday morning, 911 call takers began receiving reports of a shooting at the¬†Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery AT 2465 Chesapeake City Road.

As Troopers began responding to the scene they were receiving reports that a suspect had shot two people with a rifle and fled into the wood line near Brennen Estates.

As the Troopers and County officers began to flood the area, Maryland authorities were contacted to seal off the western side of the perimeter close to the state line.

First to arrive at the cemetery were a female Trooper and a DNREC officer. Not knowing where the suspect was, the Trooper made her was to the shooting victims and reported that two people were down, both shot in the head. She reported that one had already succumbed to their wounds and requested that an ambulance, which was staged near the scene, to respond to the scene. One patient was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

As they scoured the area for the suspect, believed to be in the woods, police officers began reporting that the suspect was in the woods about 40 yards from Route 896. Several officers had to take shelter behind the Jersey Barrier on Route 896 after the suspect reportedly opened fire on them. The suspect, described as a heavyset black male about 6ft tall carrying a rifle with a scope on it, has yet to be captured.

As of 2:00 Friday afternoon, authorities are still searching for the suspect in the woods. He has been spotted several times and several volleys of gunfire could be heard coming from the area.

Three Delaware State Police helicopters and a Wilmington Police drone have been deployed to search for the suspect from the air.

Several residents in the area were been evacuated from their homes and taken to the secure facility not far from the scene.