Wilmington Funeral Home Adds Drive-By Window In Wake Of COVID Restrictions

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Evan W. Smith Funeral Services has recognized the unique and devastating toll the current health crisis is taking on the bereaved.

Today the company has announced a new drive-by viewing option, available at its 201 N Union Street location in Wilmington. Through a large glass window, grieving family and friends will have the opportunity to view their deceased loved one and pay their final respects.

With gatherings limited participants and social distance directives in place, a time that’s typically spent in the comfort of others has left the grieving to suffer their losses alone, the company said in a Wednesday press release. In response to families’ need for supportive bereavement measures during this unprecedented period, Evan W. Smith Funeral Services has devised this novel drive-by solution that optimizes safety for service participants while providing a viewing alternative enabling groups larger than the government-mandated limit.

“With traditional viewings being so restricted for the time being, we are pleased to offer families this drive-by option and we hope it brings them some level of comfort,” stated company founder and owner Evan W. Smith. “Our community is the heart and soul of everything we do. We’re vigilant about finding creative ways to accommodate those we serve during this challenging time while still being socially responsible.”

In addition to the new drive-by viewing window, Evan W. Smith Funeral Services recently unveiled a number of new community-focused tools and resources, including Facebook Live, and virtual planning. A new website, live streaming services, and additional offerings are slated to launch in June 2020.