Federal Grant Moves I-95/896 Interchange Project Up Two Years

DelDOT to move forward with I-95/SR896 Interchange improvements to improve safety and reduce congestion after receiving $56.8 million federal grant

The project aims to relieve the congestion and related issues experienced during peak hours, as well as other times throughout the day. Proposed improvements would include ramp realignments and other geometrics improvements and would address congestion and safety on the interchange. Alleviating issues on the I-95 and SR 896 Interchange has been discussed for many years and is becoming more necessary as traffic has increased.

Many factors contributed to the project team deciding on an alternative to move forward into the preliminary design and further study. Alternative 1 was eventually chosen by the Department based on comments received from the Public Workshop held on December 5, 2017, along with comments from the federal and state environmental resource and regulatory agencies, local and
state elected officials and the project team’s analyses and detailed evaluation.

The grant, received this month, will allow the project to move forward approximately two years sooner than originally anticipated.

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