Carney “We Are Going To Open The Schools In A Safe And Sound Way”, Still Unclear What That Looks Like

Delawareans still won’t know what the reopening of school will look like until August.

In the early part of today’s press conference, Carney said “we are going to open the schools in a safe and sound way”.

Secretary of Education, Susan Bunting later explained three scenarios that the special committees are focused on. There will be a green category, which is the safest health condition, and would allow students more in school learning, a yellow category, which is a hybrid of in school and distance learning, and a red category, which is keeping schools closed.

“Our goal is to get to as much in-person instruction as we can, but to do in a way that’s safe for students and, more importantly to a certain extent, for staff…we want to protect everybody,”  said Carney. “Increasingly, we’re concerned about teachers and staff. Our focus is going to be opening our schools in a way that’s safe, based on the spread and the existence of the virus in the communities.”

We’d like it to be consistent across the school districts and across the state, but we’ve already seen how there can be geographic differences and districts will need to respond to that. Every district’s a little bit different in terms of the number of students they have, the configuration of their school buildings, their operational needs.”

The decision on how schools will open will be made sometime in early August and will be based on the facts at that time.