Delaware Department Of Labor Guidelines For Employers and Employees Regarding Returning To Work

PHASE 2 of Governor John Carney’s Economic Reopening plan began on June 15, 2020. During this rolling reopening of the state’s economy, the restrictions put in place by Governor Carney in March 2020 to reduce the spread of COVID-19, will begin to be lifted incrementally.

The Delaware Department of Labor has released guidelines along with a frequently asked questions document addressing the concerns for both employees and employers regarding returning to work during COVID-19.

For Employees, the issued guidance and FAQ document addresses concerns regarding the following;

Disqualification for unemployment benefits if I refuse to return to work after receiving notice from my employer.
What if I cannot return to work due to a medical condition or age?
What if I am being called back to work with reduced hours and or pay?
What actions should I take if I have concerns about my safety from COVID-19 at the workplace?

For Employers, the DOL’s has also issued guidance that addresses concerns Delaware employers have regarding the following;

How do I respond to an employee’s refusal to work?
What must I do to adhere to workplace safety guidelines as directed by DPH and the CDC?
What are Employer reopening best practices?

The complete list of issued guidelines and return to work FAQ’s during COVID-19 for both employees and employers can be downloaded by visiting the link below.

During PHASE 2 of the state’s reopening employers are encouraged to continue to have employees Telework where applicable. Employers who call employees back to work must enforce strict social distancing protocols and follow the responsibilities for all businesses, set forth in the Governor’s State of Emergency Order.

For more information or questions regarding reopening best practices or potential employee hazards the Delaware Department of Labor can help you. Please call 302-451-3421 or go to the website:

Here is a quick snapshot of Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims and payments from 3/15 – 7/18/2020

123,326 UI claims filed from 3/15 – 7/18/2020
2,720 Initial claims received from 7/12 – 7/18/2020

Total benefits paid from 3/15 – 7/18/2020:
$664,237,597 in UI benefits paid
$486,281,959 paid from Federal Government
$181,746,323 paid from Delaware UI Trust Fund

9,976 PUA claims filed since 5/16/2020
7,084 PUA claims paid since 5/16/2020
$61,210,852 in PUA benefits paid since 5/16/2020

** Graphic created 7/22/2020 **

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