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Candidate: David Bosco
Office: Candidate for Governor


My name is Dave Bosco and I grew up in New Castle, Delaware with my mom, dad and younger brother. I attended Our Lady of Fatima school. In 1987 in my 8th grade year I joined the local volunteer fire company. In 1988, I attended Delcastle Technical High School. I struggled to get through high school because I was so into carpentry that it was all I could think about. I worked hard to be skilled to use my hands in a world of people who I was watching prepare for college.

In 1991 I started a small business repossessing cars for local banks. With a small shop in the middle of the city of Wilmington, my business grew to become something that would take me though life for the next 25 plus years. Over those years, with the ups and downs of small business ownership, I sometimes had to get small jobs just to get through slow and tough times.
In 2003 I made the decision to move to Greenwood, Delaware and joined the local volunteer fire company. Not long after moving I fell on hard times and ended up claiming bankruptcy in 2007. While trying to cope with the financial burdens and trying to get out of bad decisions that were made with the finances, divorce squeezed in and made the struggle seem almost unbearable with no positive end in sight.

In 2013, we started a little paintball field for our sons and friends. Over the years it was taken over by airsoft, which are little BBs, kind of like paintball. This then became a business that has grown over the past 7 years and is enjoyed by people from all over the state and also by the people from far away.

In 2017 my wife and I got married and decided to expand our business. We now have people from all over the East coast come to our field to play the sport. Unfortunately, in March of 2020 we were closed by an emergency order by the governor along with many other businesses. Amy and I were very fortunate to still be able to work while the shutdown forced many to go on unemployment. I drive a car carrier for a local dealership and my wife is a first responder. While our business was closed, we saw first hand how the bills don’t stop. As we started to see and hear the tragic stories about small businesses closing for good or struggling to stay afloat, I realized someone needs to do something. I spent days and weeks complaining about the way our state was being run. Finally, my wife said, “Do something about it then. Don’t just complain.” After countless nights of talking about what to do, here we are today!

I am running for Governor to be a voice for the working people. To be someone to listen to people and let them know that I will do everything I can to make their voice heard. No one should ever tell someone they are not important. No one should ever make someone feel non-essential. We are all important and essential.

I have seen the darkest of days and the blackest of nights when I felt like there was no end in sight. I have been there and done that. You can’t help people if you don’t understand what they have been through. A governor should be for the people of the whole state. Delaware is very diverse and has significantly different needs from north to south. Without the people, the state is nothing!


Platform Foundation

The foundation to my platform is based on the economic recovery of the state and its citizens. We need to work hard on solutions for businesses and people who have had to push payments to make it through the shutdown period. We need to look for ways to help replenish our state unemployment. We need to look for ways to get businesses back on track without raising or implementing more taxes.

2nd Amendment

I am a firm believer in the 2nd amendment. The people should have the right to own and carry a fire arm as long as they are legally allowed to own one for the protection of themselves and the protection of others. Gun free zone are nothing but a hazard and potential playground for criminals and people who look to do harm. Gun free school zones leave our children trapped and unprotected from people with bad intentions. Red flag laws have no place, as far as I am concerned, in Delaware. These laws are nothing but bad thing waiting to happen. Just because someone does not like you does not mean they can send someone after you and take you guns. I will say this once, people will die and have died because of red flag laws.


Our children are the future of the state and our country. As Governor, I want to see our schools push more for education for the students and not for some national testing that gives the school a grade. A school with a great national grade does not mean the students coming from that school are the best they can be. We need to let teachers teach and allow the children to learn. Students can’t read well because we don’t teach spelling anymore.

Math, here we go. Let the teachers teach the proper way to do math. Plain and simple. Common core has no room in the schools. In an age of technology we don’t think about math because we have computers that take care of that. When the register at the store does not tell the cashier how much change to give back to the customer I want the cashier to be about to figure it out instead of calling for a manager. We need to educate our children, not get good nationwide scores for our schools.

We need to do more to get our children the basic skills for the outside world. Technical teaching is great for hands on skills. I would like to see life skills more readily available to children to further their education.

Contact Tracing

As Governor, I would not make Contact Tracing something that is mandatory. This would only be available to the people who would want it. No government should tell you what you can and can not have on your phone. We all know that our phones know where we are and where we have been. We don’t need more of this if we don’t want it. Government programs are good for people who need them and use them. If you do not want to use them it is your choice to say NO!

Law Enforcement

For far too long our Law Enforcement has been left in the shadows. Proper funding has been held off to the point that officers sometimes have to use their own money just to go to the shooting range.

Lately our law enforcement has not been able to protect our streets because our governor does not want to hurt the feelings of protesters. Well I believe that everyone has the right to protest as long as it is peaceful. When a protest turns to violence or even into looting and rioting then law enforcement needs to step up and regain control. The looting and rioting that causes damage to property and people needs to stop. Our Governor has told the police to stand down and let them do what they want.

Well here is the issue. Who pays for the damages? The government is supposed to protect the people! That is not being done. We need to support our law enforcement. If Law Enforcement needs help our Governor should step in with the resources that are needed. Our Governor has failed the people and police. We need someone who can bring back the protection to the people. We need a governor who will back the police. That person is me, Dave Bosco

Fire Companies and EMS

Fire companies and EMS in Delaware need to be looked at in the terms of finances.

Fire companies just in New Castle County alone are constantly on the move. Wear and tear on equipment is a major issue.

Another issue is trying to keep ambulances fully staffed. Some departments struggle to pay employees. People deserve top notch care when they dial 911 and those providers deserve good pay.

In addition to people, the equipment is needed. You can’t save lives if you can’t get there. Companies in Sussex county are also having a hard time with keeping ambulances funded due to the high call volume. The high call volume is due to increased home building and retirees moving to the beach areas.

When I am elected as Governor I want to form 3 committees, one for each county. Each county needs to be looked at differently. The diversity through out this state is huge. I have been on the inside of the fire and ems service and I know first hand how departments struggle. We need a Governor who will lead the state not look around aimlessly and give a delayed response on major issues.

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