Connecticut Priest Left Delaware Over 20 Years Ago, Still Getting Election Mail

A northern Connecticut man of God is wondering why his parents are still receiving Delaware election mail in his name.

Father Marcel David Dawson Jr. of St. Martin Of Tours Parish in Canaan, Connecticut says that he moved out of Delaware before this century even started and can’t understand why he remains on the Delaware voter rolls.

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After he graduated high school Dawson went to college at the University of Connecticut where he registered to vote. Dawson, now 50, has been voting in Connecticut ever since.

Despite the fact that he doesn’t live in Delaware, Father Dawson says he still receives election mail in his name at his parent’s home in Newark’s Brookhaven Community where he grew up.

In recent weeks Father Dawson’s parents received a form to request an absentee ballot for the 2020 election season. (Pictured Below)

Dawson’s voter information on a pubic records website states that he is an active voter in Delaware. Without a Delaware driver’s license, Father Dawson is unable to login to the Delaware voter registration website to see if there is any voter activity. “This leads me to wonder has someone been voting in my name,” Dawson said referring to the mail.  He also wonders how many deceased voters are still showing as active voters as well.

“My family has informed them at the polls when they go to vote, to no avail. I am hoping something can be done to purge me from the list of registered voters in Delaware.”

Dawson said his father, Marcel Dawson Sr. still lives in the home and he gets his own separate materials in addition to what arrives in his name.

Father Dawson sent an email with his concerns to the Delaware Department of Elections. We’ll let you know what they say should he get a response.

To check your voter activity you can login here