Officials Confirm Tornado Touched Down In Northern New Castle County Friday

Officials with the National Weather Service have confirmed that a tornado touched down around 5:40 PM on August 7th close to the Ashland Nature Center of the Delaware Nature Society or just east of the intersection of Brackenville Road and Barley Mill Road where some tree damage occurred.

The tornado continued east southeast to the Swallow Hill area where there were multiple trees down across Pyles Ford Road. Trees were snapped at the trunk, with one tree falling on the roof of a house.

Pyles Ford Road was closed due to the amount of tree damage across the road. This wind damage was estimated to be 105 mph, equivalent to an EF1 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. The tornado continued in an easterly direction where substantial tree damage occurred just north of Valley Garden Park where over 20 trees were uprooted or damaged.

Campbell Road was also closed due to the multiple trees down. More damage occurred along Kennett Pike between Kirk Road and the entrance of Wilmington Country Club where several trees were uprooted along with large tree limbs knocked down.

The tornado continued through the Wilmington Country Club where approximately 200 trees were damaged. A noted convergent pattern in the debris was observed in the tree damage across the Wilmington Country Club. The tornado then continued eastward before lifting prior to reaching Rockland, Delaware.

No further damage was noted in the DuPont Country Club or on Concord Pike.