Third GOP Candidate Distances His Campaign From Witzke Over RBG Comments

A third GOP candidate for state office has released a statement distancing his campaign from  U.S. Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke.

“I was born and raised in Delaware, a graduate of the University of Delaware, and a believer in the “Delaware Way.” My two sisters and I were taught by our parents how to conduct ourselves appropriately and how to treat others with respect. We were taught a sense of common decency and that a person shows respect to another, no matter who they are.

Today, I am joining my fellow Delaware Republicans, candidates, and its state legislators in condemning United States Senate candidate Lauren E. Witzke and her campaign consultants due to the tremendous amount of hateful rhetoric being broadcast across our state. Additionally, I call on Miss Witzke to immediately suspend her campaign and end this political clown show. I further call upon Republican Chairwoman Jane Brady to withdraw support for Miss Witzke and her campaign.

I want to be crystal clear: Lauren Witzke’s churlish rants and despicable rhetoric DO NOT represent me, the Delaware Republican Party, or the voters of my district. Miss Witzke and her team decided to viciously attack Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg mere hours after the announcement of her death. In fact, the President of the United States hadn’t even reacted to the news, and when it was addressed to him, he showed the respect a person of her stature earned and deserved by her own personal accomplishments.

The meme posted to Facebook by the Witzke campaign was not only in poor taste, but it was notably reprehensible and certainly not indicative of what Delaware Republicans believe. When confronted by Rick Jensen on WDEL, not only did she not apologize for her immature, and borderline irrational act for the crass manner in which RBG was characterized nor for the damage she has potentially caused the campaigns of other Republican candidates this year, but she doubled down on her comments. She pledged with pride to repost the meme, totally missing an open opportunity to show true leadership and character. We need to get back to the “Delaware Way” where we respectfully battle for what we believe in, then come together afterward and unify as Americans and as Delawareans regardless of our differences.

While we as Republicans may not agree with some of the positions Justice Ginsburg held, she was still a human being. She led an extraordinary life and was a pioneer for many. Her achievements were due in part to her hard work against insurmountable odds, a station in life many have only dreamed. Even I did not agree with certain positions Justice Ginsburg held, but the Justice’s accomplishments as a trailblazer for women everywhere should serve as an inspiration to many more women to reach their dreams and not be diminished by anyone. I’ve heard it said that powerful women help fix rather than destroy each other’s crowns.

We can all disagree on some things, but we can also still treat each other with civility. I believe this is what the Founders meant when they said “…in order to form a more perfect union.”

So, let us come together to move Delaware forward.

God Bless,
Tim Conrad

Republican Candidate for the 26th Representative District”

On Tuesday Gregory Wilps, State Representative candidate for Newark’s 24th district announced that he is distancing himself from the Lauren Witzke campaign. He had been serving as her media booking agent.

Wilps later contacted First State Update: “I need to focus on my campaign. I wish Lauren all the best. I have a lot of work to do since I joined the race right at the deadline. My opponent Ed Osienski co-sponsored SB-22 which takes Delawarean’s voice away for the presidential election. I also will fight for the freedoms of each church being able to make their own decisions on whether to stay open or not.”

State Rep Candidate Splits With Witzke After Tuesday Radio Show Appearance

This afternoon, Todd Ruckle, candidate for the District 9  State Senate seat, also issued a letter condemning  Witzke’s comments on Tuesday.

Ruckle Condemns Witzke’s RBG Comments, Calls On GOP To Take Action

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