Man Charged With Head-Butting Dover Officer

The Dover Police Department arrested Earl Ruff (42) following a shoplifting incident on Tuesday, October 6th, according to Public Information Office
Sergeant Mark Hoffman.

Hoffman said at approximately 1:39 p.m., officers responded to the Magic 7 convenience store at 443 S. New Street for a shoplifting complaint. The employee told officers that Ruff attempted to steal an item from the store and provided his description.

Another officer in the area saw Ruff in the 300 Block of S. Governors Avenue and contacted him. Ruff refused to provide his information to the officers investigating the incident and when officers attempted to take him into custody, Ruff resisted. Ruff pulled away from officers and head-butted an officer in an attempt to avoid arrest, said Hoffman.

Eventually, officers were able to place Ruff in handcuffs and transport him to the Dover Police Department. While in custody, Ruff made statements that were cause for concern for his health and he was taken to a nearby hospital to undergo an evaluation, according to Hoffman.

Upon his release, Ruff will be charged with the following offenses:
-Resisting Arrest with Force
-Hindering Prosecution
-Offensive Touching of a Law Enforcement Officer