Murray Outraises Carney, Calls On Governor To Apologize For Pardon

Gubernatorial candidate Julianne Murray’s campaign has outraised John Carney’s campaign according to campaign finance reports.

Last week Murray announced that her campaign had raised $114,472.51 for the last reporting period. Murray said the outpouring of small donations shows that Delawareans are rallying behind her.

Murray’s fundraising was fueled by individual donations for the most part. The exception being a hand full of donations from Republican Party organizations. While Carney’s campaign had a fewer number of donations they came in at a close second with a total of $109,194.98 in donations. Carney also had a large number of individual donors, however, he also received donations from big finance, multiple automobile dealerships, alcohol distributors, several political action committees, and serval other groups.

“Delawareans want a change. They are tired of one-party rule and career politicians who take their marching orders from special interest groups and lobbyists” said Murray.
A challenger outraising an incumbent is extremely unusual and a large indicator of vulnerability for the incumbent. This is the second time Murray has outraised Carney, according to her statement.

You can find a list of donors and each campaigns expenditures here

Just days after announcing her fundraising numbers Murray called on Carney to apologize for the pardon of Barry Croft, who was arrested by the FBI for allegedly plotting to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and put her on trial for treason, according to Murray.

Murray said Carney pardoned Croft in April 2019 from his extensive criminal history dating back to the mid-nineties. Adding Croft’s criminal record includes numerous violent felonies.

Murray slammed Carney saying “In typical Carney fashion, through a spokesman, he sought to escape responsibility for his actions by claiming he was merely following the recommendations of the Board of Pardons headed by Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long.” Furthermore, in true career politician form, he attempted to defray attention from his action by commenting about “the growing threat of violence and radicalization in our politics.”

“John Carney owes the people an apology for pardoning Croft,” said Julianne Murray.  “This pardon raises the question of how many other violent criminals Carney has pardoned that walk freely on our streets. “ added Murray. One thing is clear – the process needs to be reviewed to make sure that sufficient due diligence is being conducted.”

“Fortunately, Barry Croft was thwarted by the FBI and Michigan law enforcement officers. But what if he hadn’t been?” continued Murray. “How many people with violent criminal histories walk among us here in Delaware because of a John Carney pardon? This is inexcusable that a person with a violent criminal history like Croft’s should be pardoned.”

“It bothers me that John Carney tries to evade responsibility for this pardon by passing the buck to the Board of Pardons and the Lieutenant Governor and then politicizes the issue,” concluded Murray. “This is how Carney faces every problem – blame someone else. Harry Truman famously said, “the buck stops here.” “When it comes to John Carney, the buck stops everywhere but with him. In a Murray Administration, the buck will stop with Murray.”, said Murray.

The gubernatorial candidates met at the Wilmington Urban Leagues 2020 Candidate Debate Forum on Saturday. That video is below. Editors note: The video appears to be edited during Murray’s response at 2:22:49 We have reached out to the Wilmington Urban League via their YouTube page for comment on the edit.

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