Murray Slams Carney, “He Has Failed In Dealing With Pandemic”

Today, Delaware gubernatorial candidate Julianne Murray issued a statement slamming Governor Carney for his handling of the pandemic.

Below is Murray full statement:

Murray: Carney Failed In Dealing With Pandemic
Above Average Deaths And Record Unemployment Due To His Policies

Seaford, DE/October 30, 2020 – Today, Republican gubernatorial nominee, Julianne Murray said that John Carney has failed with his policies in dealing with the pandemic.

The American Legislative Exchange Council has recently issued a report on state governments’ handling of the pandemic. Under John Carney’s leadership, Delaware was ranked 46th in the nation in handling CARES money that is essential to small businesses and individuals. This mishandling of the CARES money comes at a time when nearly 30% of all Delaware small businesses have either temporarily or permanently closed due to Carney’s failed COVID policies.

The Council also stated, “the Governor has overseen the 14th largest increase in state unemployment as well as above-average cases and death rates per million residents.” This was a shattering indictment of Carney’s handling of COVID – 19. Carney, himself admitted in the University of Delaware debate this month “most of the decisions early on were based on public health guidance and fear frankly, we didn’t know exactly what to do, as we shut down businesses, issued stay at home orders”

“John Carney admits that he acted based upon fear in dealing with the pandemic and look at the result,” said Julianne Murray. “Our death toll is above the national average with 689 deaths through his bungling.“  His fear in dealing with COVID – 19 has devastated the Delaware economy,” continued Murray.

Longtime family businesses are shut down. Unemployed workers are not getting their unemployment benefits in a timely fashion through his Department of Labor. “As Delawareans are suffering economically, we rank 46th in handling vital CARES money,” continued Murray. Think of it, we are in the midst of John Carney’s economic disaster and he dawdles with CARES money. All of this is criminal.

“John Carney has failed in dealing with the pandemic with the results being above average deaths and economic havoc,” concluded Murray. He must be held accountable.”