Murray Slams Carney On Childcare Providers Using Public Schools, “I Want To Meet Carney’s Scientist”

On Tuesday, Republican gubernatorial nominee, Julianne Murray condemned Governor John Carney in a statement released by her campaign.  The condemnation was in reference to Carney’s “latest display of bad decisions for the state of Delaware”.

Murray says that Carney is allowing childcare to fully operate but not allowing for full-time in-classroom instruction. Carney has even gone so far as to offer childcare providers the use of the very classrooms that he is keeping students from using, added Murray. “This colossal mistake on schools has left parents with no choice nor say on how their students learn this year.”

While Carney has allowed childcare providers not only to remain open but, if desired, to operate in public school classrooms. Public schools in Delaware are operating under a hybrid model which has resulted in mostly remote learning.

“How is it the classrooms are safe for childcare but not the purpose they were built for which is teaching our children?” said Murray. “Again, John Carney is picking winners and losers just like he did in shutting down small businesses. This time the losers of John Carney’s bad decision-making are our students. And why won’t he listen to parents throughout the state who want their children back in the classrooms? This is just the latest of John Carney’s blunders that are destroying Delaware.”

“John Carney talks a lot about letting the science of COVID – 19 guide his decisions,” continued Murray. “I would love to meet the scientist that told him, its ok to use schools for childcare but not for school instruction. Let’s see the data on that. Let’s hear the scientist explain this rationale.”

“We must stop John Carney from using the ‘science of COVID – 19’ as an excuse for his horrendous decisions and begin getting Delaware moving forward.”

Statement Source: Strategic Vision PR Group