Family Escapes Inferno In Magnolia On Sunday – Video

Magnolia – Just after 4:00 Sunday afternoon firefighters from the Magnolia Fire Company along with mutual aid from the Camden-Wyoming Fire Company responded to the 200 block of Melissa Street in Alexanders Village for reports of a residential structure fire.

Upon their arrival, crews reported smoke and heavy fire showing from the front of the home. Initial radio reports indicated that all occupants of the home made it out prior to the firefighter’s arrival.

A neighbor that provided the video below said she believed the fire started in the garage and spread to the kitchen.

“I mean it went from seeing some flames in the kitchen window to fully involved as you see in the video in minutes”, said the neighbor.

An official report from the State Fire Marshal’s Office is expected later today.


We’re sharing this video from today’s house fire in Magnolia with our Parler followers. Check back tomorrow for the story.

— FirstStateUpdate FirstStateUpdate Sunday, November 22, 2020