MAYDAY Declared After Floor Collapses During House Fire In New Castle

The Delaware State Fire Marshal’s Office is currently investigating a House Fire in New Castle, according to Delaware State Fire Marshal Chief Deputy Robert Fox.

Fox said the Goodwill Fire Company of New Castle was alerted to a fire in the 300 block of Moore Ave., in the neighborhood of Baldton shortly after 10:30 this morning. Upon the firefighters, there was heavy fire and smoke coming from the residence.

During the incident, firefighters were alerted to a floor collapse and a MAYDAY was declared. One firefighter reportedly fell through the hole. Radio reports from the scene indicate that a firefighter was removed from the home after the MAYDAy was declared. In his statement on Thursday, Fox said that there are no reports of injuries.

Several minutes into the incident Command struck a second alarm which brought additional assets to the scene.

Fox said deputies from the State Fire Marshal’s Office responded to the scene and are currently conducting an investigation.

The fire caused approximately 150,000 dollars in damage to the residence.