Dover Second Dose Clinic Pushed Back To Sunday Due To Weather Forecast

The second dose clinic operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and by the State of Delaware will begin Sunday, Feb. 21, rather than Saturday as originally announced. Appointments will still be available starting this morning at 11 a.m. at

The one-day delay is due to inclement weather in other parts of the country and expected in our area that is affecting travel for federal personnel over the next several days.

When scheduling for the vaccination event opens, individuals will be able to choose an appointment from Sunday, Feb. 21 through Thursday, Feb. 25. Additional appointments for Friday, Feb. 26 may be opened later based on demand.

These second-dose appointments will only be available for those who received a first-dose from the Delaware Division of Public Health at one of the following events:

Dover Division of Motor Vehicles on January 16th through January 18th
Salesianum School in Wilmington on January 18th
Delaware City Division of Motor Vehicles on January 22nd through 24th
Georgetown Division of Motor Vehicles on January 23rd and January 24th