Pike Creek Woman Searching For Mystery Violinist Filling The Air With Beautiful Music

A Pike Creek woman is hoping to find the mystery violinist that is popping around New Castle County.

This past Saturday a man who was playing the violin in the Pike Creek Shopping Center caught the ear of Jenny Costa while she was waiting outside of the grocery store. The man, accompanied by a woman that had a sign saying they were trying to buy groceries, played three songs each one better than the next. The experience has set Costa on a mission to find him and let him know people are rooting for him.

Costa came across a post on a local Facebook group page and had to share the video she captured. Later that day someone on another group page asked if anyone saw the man playing at the Pike Creek Shopping Center, noting how talented he was. Costa responded to the post with her video and it took on a life of its own.  People have messaged Costa to say they wanted to help him and his family, they want to hire him, and they want him to come to play in their neighborhood park.

Costas said a  church even offered to use their professional video equipment to video him and to help him to promote his talent.  “People are rooting for this man and the woman with him”, added Costa.

The man has been spotted in north Wilmington as well but no one has his contact info,  said Costa. “I didn’t video his face, I videoed his music – he’s talented, the woman with him held the sign, people stopped and appreciated the beauty filling the air.”

“I rarely go to this shopping center in Pike Creek, but this past Saturday I happened to be waiting for someone & heard this man playing his violin.

Someone posted on Facebook asking if anyone heard the man playing the violin, I responded and said I did & posted the video.

The post somewhat took on a life of its own with people wanting to hire this man, and help him and his family (the woman with him held a sign, like many their family has fallen on hard times this past year) so he was playing near a grocery store hoping to raise money to help his family.

He played 3 songs while I waited, each one better than the next.

I didn’t think to video his face or ask for his contact info… if you’re around & see him playing can you grab his contact info?

A lot of people in the community are rooting for him, want to hire him and let him know he has a talent that is appreciated, and I’m on a mission to find him.”

“He was wonderful. It seems others heard him too and he gave them pause as well and now people want to hire him. So I’ve sort of made it my mission to find him to share the love and support they have.”

Do not post contact information on our Facebook page. If you have information for Jenny you can contact her at  [email protected] or message her on Facebook


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