NUTmobile Headed To Vince’s Sports Center In Newark Saturday

It’s time to shell-ebrate! The Planters Nutmobile is rolling into Newark, DE!

As part of their East-to-West-Nut-Crackin’ Fest, the iconic 26-foot-long peanut on wheels will be making several stops this weekend to spread smiles in the Newark area.

The NUTmobile will be visiting seniors at Mid-County Senior Center and spreading smiles around town.

Fans can also check out our legendary legume at Vince’s Sports Center on Saturday for the opportunity to see the iconic vehicle up close and personal.
The “NUTTY” event filled with photos, prizes and peanuts!

Saturday, May 1
Vince’s Sports Center
14 Gender Rd, Newark DE 19713
12pm – 5pm

The NUTmobile, joined by a team of Peanutters and Mr. Peanut, is on a mission to spread miles of smiles across America, and this year, people need a reason to smile more than ever.
Have a birthday or anniversary coming up? This year, if you have a special event, you can request a visit from the NUTmobile at While we cannot honor all requests, we will make an effort to make your day nutty!

Source: KraftHeinze