The Holy Trinity Greek Festival To-Go Begins Today!

FESTIVAL-TO-GO STARTS Wednesday, June 2 and runs through Saturday, June 5. We are not yet able to accommodate large eat-in crowds in a Covid compliant environment.
11:00am to 7:30pm daily.

Where: Holy Trinity Greek Festival, 808 N Broom St, Wilmington, Delaware 19806

All orders placed IN PERSON via park/walk-up or parking lot drive-through for your convenience. Cash and all major credit cards accepted. All ordering on premises (no online or telephone) to limit your wait times and maximize efficiency.

Pastitsio $10
Moussaka $10
Keftedes (Meatballs) 4/$3
Meatball Sandwich $6
Gyro $10
Dolmades 4/$6
Greek Salad $10
Spanakopita $7
Tyropita $7
Greek Sweet Bread Loaf (Tsoureki)* $15
Moussaka Platter (w/1 Spanakopita, 1 Tyropita, 2 Dolmades, 2 Keftedes) $17
Pastitsio Platter (w/1 Spanakopita, 1 Tyropita, 2 Dolmades, 2 Keftedes) $17

-Dessert Sampler $16 (variety sampler includes baklava, koulourakia (2), and a random assortment of other delicacies depending on availability including kataifi, melomakarano, kourambie, almond cookies, karithopita, depending on availability)
-Baklava $4 (sold individually in addition to the sampler)

SPECIALS (offered daily while supplies last)
-Stuffed Peppers w/Roasted Potatoes $10
-Chicken with Orzo $10
-Souvlaki $10
-Lamb Sandwich $10

-Greek Red and White Wine $15
-Ouzo $6