City Of Newark To Fine Recycling Offenders After Audit, Social Media Let’s Them Have It

The City of Newark posted the following on their Facebook page on Monday:
Beginning Thursday, February 10, the City of Newark will conduct recycling audits during regularly scheduled recycling pick-ups. Crews will be looking for the most commonly misplaced items such as bagged recyclables (recyclables placed in a plastic trash bag for disposal), styrofoam, tanglers, such as ropes or garden hoses, plastic grocery bags and shredded paper.
Starting Thursday, February 24 violators will be subject to the minimum fine of $100. Information about recycling is available on our website at
Residents were quick to add their two cents.:

This seems extremely counterintuitive. What incentive do people have to recycle now? It’s safer to throw everything away. How about offering a reward for people who are found to be recycling correctly?

I am pretty good about recycling but will not take a chance of receiving a $100 fine for accidentally placing the wrong item in the can, or some unknown person placing a non-recyclable item in the can while it is waiting to be picked up.

Another waste of taxpayer money and resources.

So a kid uses the wrong bin to toss a plastic bag into and the city drops the hammer?

I feel bad for the guys who have to ‘audit’ the recycles. I imagine they don’t want to be known as the Recycling Gestapo.

Next yard waste audit.

I wouldn’t doubt. Maybe $250 is a nice round number.

Really they are going to fine people for putting the wrong items in recycling? That is crazy and I’ve never heard of such a thing. When in doubt, don’t recycle!