“Officer In Trouble” Police Race To Glasgow High School As Fight Gets Out Of Control

At around 11:45 Tuesday morning law enforcement from several agencies descended on Glasgow High School for reports of an officer in trouble, according to sources in law enforcement.

Sources tell FSU that the incident started when a group of girls began fighting in a hallway. As the fight progressed the fight escalated into what was has been described as a “riot”, according to our sources. The School Resource Officer, realizing that things were out of control, declared a 10-40, an officer in trouble urgent message.

We’re told that the officer was actively involved in trying to bring the incident under control when he again declare a 10-40.

As the call came out, officers from across the region dropped what they were doing and raced to the school to assist the Trooper. Readers reported seeing Wilmington Police, County, Troopers, and Newark Officers at the scene.

We’re told that 8 to 9 students were arrested as a result of the incident. We’re also told that at least one student was tased during the incident.

This is a developing story.