Smyrna School Board Candidate To Focus On Parents’ Concerns

Clayton resident, Brian Clements, enters the Smyrna School Board race with a platform aimed at the district’s sagging proficiency scores and practical educational policies to
address them.

In the wake of state-level COVID-19 mandates, Clements says local schools need fresh ideas. “My wife and I had the same realization many parents did during this pandemic — the ‘one-size-
fits-all’ approach to educating our children isn’t working anymore,” said Clements. “Parents from many different backgrounds have strong beliefs about the types of classrooms their kids
are spending all day in. Their voices need to be heard.”

Professionally, Clements has worked his way up to managing a landscape supply company over the past two decades. He’s pursuing a degree in information technology with a concentration
on information security. He’s also spent the last five years as a community volunteer, organizing food drives, toy drives and working with the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery.
Beyond his role as a parent and community member, Clements believes his best qualification for the seat is his ability to hear concerns and look at all solutions before making a decision.

“I listen before speaking,” he said. “Lately, administrators, politicians, and bureaucrats have been doing a lot of telling us how it’s going to be, and not a lot of listening. Even if the policies
being rolled out don’t make sense to the average parent, there’s little they can do about it short of removing their child from school. That’s unacceptable. I want our community to have
its say on how things are done.”

Clements invites the community to join him for a day of family fun at Big Oak Park in Smyrna on April 9 th , 2022 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. There will be games, food, and an opportunity to discuss
school district issues with the candidate.

Source: Brian Clements Press Release