Hockessin Mom Who Sued Carney Over Mandate Running For State Auditor

Janice Lorrah, the Mom who sued Governor Carney over his unilateral extension of the school masking mandate in February, today announced her candidacy for Delaware’s Auditor of Accounts. 

“Delaware ranks 47th among the 50 states for inefficient use of taxpayer dollars,” said Ms. Lorrah. “In addition, our state is the 2nd worst in transparency and accountability. These numbers are unacceptable.”  

Lorrah will seek to increase government transparency and accountability as well as identify waste, fraud, abuse, and corruption. Lorrah views transparency and accountability as key factors in deterring abuse and generating public confidence in the political system. 

“Confidence in our government is at an all-time low,” Lorrah said. “It is  going to take someone with a track record of standing up when government goes  off the rails to be a true watchdog for the people.” 

“I stood up for Delaware’s parents and children in February and now I’m ready to stand up for all of Delaware’s taxpayers as the State’s Auditor,” she said.  

Ms. Lorrah promises to be a check on government spending. “We are in a  unique situation where the State and local governments are flush with money,  much of it from COVID relief programs. Taxpayers have a right to know where this money is going and to be ensured that it is being used as intended,” she said. 

Lorrah has been an attorney for 20 years having graduated with honors from Rutgers-Camden Law School in 2002. Following law school, she was a federal clerk for the Honorable Stanley Brotman, U.S. District Court for the District of New  Jersey, before entering private practice.  Lorrah has extensive experience with  Medicaid which she intends to make part of her campaign.  

“Failing to comply with the requirements of Delaware’s State Plan puts  Delaware’s federal Medicaid funding at risk,” Lorrah said. Medicaid costs have risen to over 25% of the state of Delaware’s budget and are on track to increase beyond that in the coming years. Approximately 60% of funding for Delaware’s  Medicaid program comes from the federal government according to Lorrah. 

Source: Janice Lorrah Press Release

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