Newark Road Closure Information For Biden’s Visit To UD This Weekend

Biden will be speaking at the University of Delaware’s (UD) 2022  Commencement ceremony on Saturday so we reached out to the Newark Police Department for road closure information.

Here’s what they’re telling us.

University of Delaware graduation ceremonies on both Friday 5/27 and Saturday 5/28 will cause significant increased traffic around the City of Newark, especially in the area of the UD football stadium.

On Friday, ceremonies will occur all day at the stadium, causing increased traffic and delays. On Saturday 5/28, there will be significant traffic around the stadium starting as early as 5:00 am and lasting into the early afternoon.

Due to VIP movement, some roadways may be temporarily closed, or traffic may be stopped, causing further delays. If attending the ceremony, consider walking or arriving very early. Avoid the area unless travel is necessary.

Lt. Andrew Ruben added that he couldn’t comment on roads outside the city, but road closures and restrictions are temporary as directed by his protective detail.

We’ll update this Joe Jam Alert as more information becomes available.