Murray: Divide Between Delaware Law Enforcement And AG’s Office Confirmed

Late last week Attorney General candidate Julianne Murray received the endorsement of both the Delaware Fraternal Order of Police and the Delaware State Troopers Association. The endorsements confirm that Delaware law enforcement is fully behind Murray’s candidacy.  Murray said the endorsements also confirm the divide between Delaware law enforcement and current Attorney General Kathleen Jennings.

“I am humbled by these endorsements and assure Delaware law enforcement that I will have their backs and that I will prosecute crimes in Delaware. We need to get back to a highly functional relationship between the Department of Justice and law enforcement. The relationship has been dysfunctional for too long,” stated Murray.

“Law enforcement across Delaware has confirmed to me their frustration at the lack of prosecution and that it is not uncommon to see the same defendant repeatedly because of Jennings’ soft-on crime policies. Law enforcement has also confirmed that defendants are actually mocking them as they are being placed under arrest because they know that the chances are high that they are not going to serve time for their offenses,” continued Murray.

“The statistics show that Delaware is not safer than it was four years ago. Nearly 1,000 people have been killed or wounded by criminals with guns since Jennings took office. It’s time to turn the tide and I look forward to working with law enforcement to make Delaware safer,” concluded Murray.

Source: Julianne Murray