Brookside, Pleasantville Eyed For Violence Reduction Program

New Castle County and Building Better Communities (BBC) recently announced their latest neighborhood engagement effort, focusing on violence reduction in two selected neighborhoods: Brookside, located just outside Newark, and Pleasantville, situated in the New Castle area.

This initiative is part of New Castle County’s broader plan to increase community engagement in neighborhoods throughout the county over the next year.

The driving force behind this endeavor is the recognition of the historic opportunity provided by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to reimagine and revitalize communities read a statement by the county.

One of the key components of the BBC Initiative is the launch of a grant application specifically aimed at organizations that have the capacity to serve residents in the Brookside and Pleasantville areas. The grant will focus on various areas such as mental health services, after-school programming, and public art. However, these areas of focus are not limited, and other innovative ideas that align with the goals of the initiative are also encouraged.

While many municipalities and administrations have implemented violence reduction efforts with varying degrees of success, New Castle County has recognizes that the most equipped individuals to serve the community are the community members themselves officials said Tuesday. By launching this grant application, Brookside and Pleasantville residents, as well as organizations that have the capacity to serve these areas, have the chance to be part of the solution.