Notices Going Out, Latest On Statewide Property Reassessment

Some Delaware property owners will start receiving mailers as part of the statewide property reassessment that is ongoing.

The reassessment project was initiated as a result of an education funding lawsuit filed against the State of Delaware and all three counties in 2018. The settlement of the case in 2021 required all counties to conduct property reassessments in their jurisdictions.

These mailers are part of an ongoing reassessment project conducted by Tyler Technologies, a technology company that has been contracted by all three counties in the state. The purpose of these mailers is to verify the accuracy of the improvements data collected by the company, and they do not include property values.

Residents of Kent County, Delaware, have recently started receiving preliminary reassessment data mailers.

The mailers are being sent in two batches. The first batch was sent out on June 9th and included all residential improved parcels within the municipal limits of Kent County. This initial mailing reached approximately 23,658 property owners. The second batch, comprising 30,907 mailers, will be sent to residents in the unincorporated areas.

These initial mailers serve as an opportunity for property owners to review the information provided and make any necessary corrections or updates. They should carefully examine the data and, if there are any errors or discrepancies, make corrections directly on the mailer itself. Property owners can then return the corrected mailer to Tyler Technologies via U.S. mail or email using the provided mailing address or email address.

Corrections will only be accepted in writing and will not be processed over the telephone. If property owners find that the data on the mailer is accurate, there is no need to contact Tyler Technologies.

To facilitate the correction process, Tyler Technologies has provided their mailing address and email for property owners to use:

Tyler Technologies
Kent County Levy Court Building,
555 Bay Road
2nd Floor, Room 222
Dover, DE 19901
Email: [email protected]

If property owners have any questions regarding the data mailer, they should direct them to Tyler Technologies at 302-744-9565 or through email.

In related news, Sussex County in Delaware announced in May an extension of its general reassessment of all properties by one year. Sussex County was originally scheduled to complete the reassessment by 2024 but has now extended the timeline to 2025.

The extension is attributed to higher-than-expected staff turnover for the contracted vendor, Tyler Technologies. With a large number of parcels to assess and limited staffing, it is taking longer than anticipated to complete the necessary work officials said last month.

Tyler Technologies’ website provides an update on the progress of the reassessment projects in all three counties. In Sussex County, data collectors have visited over 102,000 parcels, accounting for 56% of the overall parcel count. They were focusing on completing property visits in the Bethany area and starting data collection in Seaford and surrounding areas on the western side of Sussex County the county said in May.

In New Castle County, Tyler Technologies has identified 198,559 parcels and has completed field inspections for 115,453 parcels as of the latest update on the website.