Ride-Goers Rescued After Carnival Ride Malfunctions In Milltown

The St. John the Beloved Church’s annual carnival in Wilmington was interrupted when a malfunction occurred on the Zipper ride, leaving six individuals trapped 30 feet above the ground.

The incident that occurred just before 9:30 Tuesday night, prompted a response of first responders from several fire companies including the Mill Creek Fire Company, Cranston Heights Fire Company, Christiana Fire Company, Brandywine Fire Company Hundred, and members of the New Castle County Special Operations HACSR Team.

Upon receiving the initial reports, the first arriving crews called for the assistance of the New Castle County Special Operations HACSR Team. The malfunction had caused two cars on the Zipper ride to become stuck together, suspending them at a height of 30 feet according to initial reports. Command at the scene relayed the information that six individuals were trapped within the affected cars.

The responding teams began a high-angle rescue operation using available tower trucks. As the rescue efforts began, the first responders worked to free the trapped individuals from the entangled cars. The challenging nature of the situation required careful maneuvering and coordination. While the details of the specific mechanical failure leading to the entrapment were not disclosed, the focus remained on the safe evacuation of the individuals.

The combined efforts of the first responders proved successful as all six trapped individuals were successfully rescued from the Zipper ride. Officials have not released details regarding any injuries suffered by those involved. Throughout the operation, the teams prioritized the safety and well-being of those involved, utilizing their expertise and equipment to ensure a smooth and secure extraction.

As many as twenty people were on the ride when the operator stopped the ride due to the malfunction. At 11:50 Command reported that all of those individuals were taken out of their cars as well and placed the scene under control.

Following the rescue, the carnival organizers shut down the malfunctioning ride. Fire officials are investigating the incident.