Two Stabbed, Third Injured Details Few In Naamans Road Incident

Rescue crews were dispatched to the vicinity of Naamans Road and Carpenter Station Road in Wilmington on Wednesday evening at around 5:45 p.m. to address a series of incidents that remain somewhat unclear at present.

Rescue crews were initially dispatched to the area for reports of a shooting, only to discover a different scenario unfolding at the scene.

First responders on the scene encountered two individuals, a male and a female both in their 20s, who had sustained stab wounds, not gunshot wounds. Crews reported that responding police officers had applied tourniquets to the victims, providing immediate aid to control the bleeding.

Shortly after the injured parties were transported to the trauma center, another call came in from the scene. This time, it was regarding a pedestrian who had been struck. While reports suggest that the incident may have involved a motor vehicle accident, the police have not released any specific details regarding the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The incident prompted authorities to request the closure of the roadway. The closure was necessary to facilitate the ongoing investigations and ensure the safety of those involved.

The investigation into the stabbings and the circumstances surrounding the pedestrian accident is ongoing. This story will be updated when additional details are released.