Brandywine Valley SPCA Treating 23 Dogs Involved in New Castle County Crash

BVSPCA Copeland Center medical staff is evaluating the dogs, who were en route from Louisiana to rescues when the contracted transport vehicle they were in was involved in a crash.

The Brandywine Valley SPCA (BVSPCA) medical team and support staff responded to evaluate and care for 23 dogs involved in this morning’s crash along I-95 in New Castle County.

We are working in partnership with first responders and the Delaware Office of Animal Welfare (OAW), who were able to quickly move the dogs to safety following the incident. Alongside OAW, our team is working to meet the needs of all animals impacted in this incident and coordinate with the destination rescue groups where the dogs were en route. The dogs were all rescued from overcrowded shelters in Louisiana, en route to multiple rescue organizations when the contracted transport vehicle carrying them was involved in a crash.

BVSPCA Medical Director Dr. Sherri Wood is leading our medical team deployed from the BVSPCA Copeland Center for Animal Welfare, located just a few miles from the scene, to evaluate all of the dogs. One dog with a leg injury was taken to an emergency vet clinic for further evaluation.

“It’s times like these when we, as leaders in Animal Welfare, need to prioritize the care of the animals involved in this tragic accident. We will be taking all necessary steps to confirm their well-being,” said Adam Lamb, BVSPCA CEO. “It’s a miracle that none of these dogs were seriously injured and we are committed to making sure each of them is medically able to continue on their journey to finding their forever homes.”

Any animals in need of extended medical treatment will stay in the care of the BVSPCA. Medical costs for the dogs will be supported by Reggie’s Fund, a medical program sponsored by Tatiana and Gerret Copeland to ensure pets in need of medical care don’t go without treatment due to the financial burden. The BVSPCA encourages donations to support programs like Reggie’s Fund that make responding to medical emergencies like this possible.