Police Detail Incident Along Maryland/Delaware State Line

In an incident that transpired along the Delaware/Maryland state line late Tuesday evening, law enforcement agencies from both states mobilized in response to a situation involving a suspect who had fled from a vehicle. The incident was characterized by a high-stakes pursuit and a thorough search operation in a wooded area near Route 40.

According to the Elkton, Maryland Police Department, the incident began when Elkton Police Officers, in collaboration with the Maryland State Police, conducted a vehicle stop on Old Baltimore Pike near Delancy Road. During the stop, the rear passenger of the vehicle abruptly exited and attempted to flee on foot. This prompted officers to initiate a pursuit, with a K9 unit joining the chase. To secure the area, a perimeter was established with the assistance of allied law enforcement agencies.

Delaware State Police Aviation’s Trooper 4 provided aerial support by circling overhead to try and track the fleeing suspect. The suspect was reportedly spotted running along the power lines between Muddy Lane and Dixie Line Road. However, due to adverse weather conditions, the aviation support eventually had to discontinue its involvement.

Officers on the ground continued their efforts to locate the suspect. They scoured the area where the suspect was last seen, however, the suspect was not found.

Ultimately, the search concluded, and the perimeter was released at approximately 11:45 p.m. on Tuesday night.