Police Mum On Pursuit That Shutdown Kids Sporting Event Sunday

Wilmington Police have yet to release details surrounding a police chase that led to an area-wide search for several suspects over the weekend.

FSU reported that just before 11:30 on a Sunday morning, law enforcement agencies were involved in a high-speed chase initiated by the Wilmington Police Department. The incident ultimately led to a collision on Harvey Road near Interstate 95, triggering a multi-agency response.

Initial reports showed that following the crash, up to five individuals, described as black males wearing masks, fled from the vehicle into the nearby woods. Law enforcement personnel were on scene just seconds after the crash and began a search of the area. Officers swarmed a nearby softball field near the intersection, where a game was underway.

Shortly after their arrival at the softball fields, some of the suspects were spotted, instigating a foot chase nearby. The situation led to a disruption in the ongoing games, as parents at the scene told First State Update. At least one game was ended and did not resume.

The number of subjects and the number that were taken into custody was unclear during the incident due to conflicting reports. Initial reports indicated that one person was taken into custody at gunpoint near the vehicle within seconds.

As the search intensified, Trooper 2, a Delaware State Police helicopter, was dispatched to provide aerial support but was called away due to a crash in Sussex County.

In subsequent reports, it was learned that at least four of the vehicle’s occupants were later located and transported to Wilmington Hospital before being taken to jail. Police have not officially confirmed those details. It’s believed that all of those in custody are male, at least one is an adult and at least two are juveniles.

FSU is told that authorities were actively investigating the incident as a carjacking originating from New Jersey and an armed robbery that had taken place Sunday morning at 4th and Market Streets in Wilmington. Additionally, it came to light that the vehicle had previously evaded an officer earlier in the day prior to the high-speed chase that ultimately concluded on Harvey Road.

An email to the Wilmington Police Department on Wednesday asking for follow-up details regarding the incident went unanswered as of the time of this post.

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