Who Knew? Program Aids Drivers Fearful Of Driving Across Bridge

Millions of drivers cross the Delaware Memorial Bridge every year without a second thought. Some drivers, however, take advantage of a little-known program offered by the Delaware River and Bay Authority (DRBA).

Since the opening of the bridge in 1951, officials began noticing that some travelers were unable to drive across the bridge due to their fear of heights. In response, a program was unofficially implemented to assist those travelers.

Named for the extreme fear of heights, “Acrophobia Escorts”, is part of the department’s long history and continues today. Each year DRBA officers respond to approximately 450 requests for escorts.

To take advantage of the program motorist can request an escort by contacting the police communications center by calling 302-571-6342 and pressing #1 for the police communications center or #3722 from their cellular phone.

Motorists are advised to pull their vehicle off of the highway at the approach of the bridge to wait for the police.  Two Delaware River and Bay Authority Police Officers will then respond and make contact with the driver.

After the driver signs a liability release, one of the officers will get behind the wheel and escort them across the bridge, with the second office following close behind.

Once across the bridge, the officer pulls the vehicle off of the highway to a safe location and the escort officer is picked up by the second officer.

During the program’s history, the departments’ Public Service Aides have also been used to provide the escort on occasion.