Witness Accounts Of Friday’s Incident At Wawa

An apparent domestic incident occurred at the Wawa store located at 7 Commons Blvd. in New Castle at around 8:30 on a Friday evening.

Witnesses at the scene have provided their accounts of the events that unfolded during this incident.

According to accounts from witnesses, a dispute between a man and a woman erupted at the store’s register. The disagreement escalated, leading to a physical altercation according to the witnesses. The situation became increasingly chaotic as the man began throwing objects around the store while the woman attempted to distance herself from him added one witness.

Store management intervened by locking the woman in the office. To gain access to the office, a combination PIN number was required. It was at this point that the man confronted an employee, inquiring if anyone knew the combination said a witness. The situation escalated as the man brandished a knife, attempting to force the manager to unlock the office door a witness said.

It was at that point that a customer, known only as “Banana Stand Guy”, inside the store took action. This individual picked up a banana stand and aggressively threw it at the man, diverting his attention momentarily. In response, the man chased the customer out of the store while still wielding the knife according to the witnesses. Store staff locked the doors, preventing the man from reentering the store until law enforcement arrived.

A second witness at the scene also reported that the incident began as a domestic dispute, prompting her to call 911 for assistance. This witness’s recollection of the incident matches the first witness’s recollection.

As the man became increasingly agitated, “he threatened those present, and someone yelled that he had a knife”, said the witness. This led to many customers fleeing the store, with the witness calling 911 to report the escalation of the incident and the involvement of a weapon. As the “Banana Stand Guy” fled the store a few other individuals who had just arrived at the scene considered entering the store to assist.

A third witness said that approximately 10 to 15 men eventually stepped up to help the “Banana Stand Guy”, safely get into his vehicle. The witness continued, saying that outside, fights broke out, and some individuals even resorted to using shovels to ensure the “knife-wielding may” would leave others alone. Eventually, the man gave up and headed toward the gas pumps.

The police arrived at this point, with the man surrendering as soon as they pulled in.

An ambulance can be seen in the photos of the scene, however, it is not clear if anyone was injured during the incident. It’s also not clear is anyone was arrested or charged in the incident. This story will be updated when police release additional details.

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