Body Recovered After Vehicle Goes Into Canal Sunday

Authorities are investigating an incident that left at least one person dead late Sunday.

Just before 11:45, Sunday evening, emergency services were called to a scene at the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal, where a vehicle was reported to have crashed into the water, leading to a large-scale search and rescue operation.

Upon arrival, crews reported finding a debris field and focused their search on the north side of the canal, approximately half a mile west of the Reedy Point Bridge.

Dive teams and marine units were deployed to the scene, alongside Delaware State Police Aviation’s Trooper 4, to aid in the search efforts.

Just before 1:10 a.m., crews reported identifying a second target of interest in the water. A diver was put in the water to further investigate this finding as part of the ongoing operation. The search teams were utilizing sonar technology to aid in locating any potential victims or debris associated with the crash.

The U.S. Coast Guard also joined the operation, dispatching a boat to assist with the search, which arrived just before 1:15 a.m.

Just before 1:20 a.m., rescue teams successfully located a victim. The individual was removed from the water and was later pronounced deceased at the scene. The search continued, with divers returning to the submerged vehicle to determine if there were any additional occupants who might have been trapped.

It’s not clear if any additional victims were missing or if any others were located.

We are expecting an update on this incident later this morning.