Videos: Officer Cleared In Five Points Fatal Shooting

The Delaware Department of Justice, through its Division of Civil Rights and Public Trust, concluded an investigation into the use of deadly force by the New Castle County Police Department, involving Corporal Corey Nicholson, during an incident on March 6, 2023.

This incident, which occurred at a 7-Eleven convenience store in Wilmington, resulted in the death of Andrew Edelmann and injured Aida Pabon. The report delves into the sequence of events leading to the shooting, arising from an undercover operation to purchase illegal drugs from Edelmann according to the report.

The Delaware Department of Justice concluded that Corporal Nicholson’s use of deadly force was justified under the circumstances. This conclusion was based on the evidence and circumstances surrounding the incident, focusing on the legal standards applied to the use of force by law enforcement.

“In this case, the use of force by Corporal Nicholson as to Edelmann was not a criminal act because it was in both self-defense and the defense of others. Corporal Nicholson was part of a covert or undercover operation to purchase illegal drugs from Edelmann and conduct a subsequent arrest. Before entering the parking lot of the 7-Eleven, the MET decided that Officer Hunt would position and park the pickup truck in such a way that it blocked the path of travel for Edelmann’s vehicle – a common maneuver referred to by police as a “pinch” maneuver.  The purpose of this maneuver was to prevent the suspect from fleeing the scene in his vehicle.  Officer Hunt was unable to successfully complete the “pinch” maneuver and failed to block all paths of escape for Edelmann. Corporal Nicholson exited the front passenger seat of the unmarked Ford pickup truck to arrest Edelmann.  In accordance with his police training, Corporal Nicholson drew his weapon and prepared to conduct a “felony arrest” of Edelmann after the “pinch” maneuver was unsuccessful.  Although Corporal Nicholson was in an unmarked police vehicle, he was dressed in a clearly marked police uniform.  Additionally, immediately upon his exit, Corporal Nicholson began shouting “police” and other commands for Edelmann to stop.”

“When he got out of the vehicle, Corporal Nicholson was standing in the direct path of Edelmann’s vehicle. Corporal Nicholson made eye contact with Edelmann and observed the startled look on Edelmann’s face.  He watched as Edelmann shifted the Hyundai SUV into drive.  Edelmann’s vehicle accelerated forward nearly striking Corporal Nicholson, who had to quickly move out of the way to avoid being hit.  Fearing that Edelmann would run him over to make his escape, or possibly run over one of his fellow officers, Nicholson fired at Edelmann eight times.  After nearly hitting Corporal Nicholson, Edelmann’s vehicle crashed into the police Tahoe being driven by Officer Canaan.  Edelmann’s vehicle ultimately came to a stop when it became pinned against Officer Canaan’s vehicle.”

Video: Body-worn camera footage from Corporal Corey Nicholson

Video: Body-worn camera footage from Officer Corey Will

Video: Body-worn camera footage from Officer Anthony Pala

Video: Body-worn camera footage from Officer Patrick Karpin

Video: Surveillance footage from Clark’s Cellphone Corner

Video: Surveillance footage from Burger King

Video: Surveillance footage from 7-Eleven

For more detailed information, you can access the full report on the Delaware Department of Justice website: Report of the Department of Justice on March 6, 2023 Use of Force by New Castle County Police Department.

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