Laurel Superintendent Charged With Suspicion Of DUI

On Saturday evening at approximately 11:33, an officer from the Laurel Police Department was conducting a traffic stop on Sussex Highway near Camp Road in Laurel. The officer was in a fully-marked patrol vehicle with emergency lights activated, parked on the right shoulder. A second officer was positioned nearby to assist.

During the traffic stop, officers noticed a red Ford F150 traveling northbound in the right lane of Sussex Highway. The vehicle passed the traffic stop without slowing down or shifting lanes, violating traffic laws that require drivers to move over or slow down when approaching a stopped emergency vehicle police said.

The second officer pursued the F150, observing it fail to maintain a single lane officials said Monday. Police said that according to the arrest report, the vehicle was seen swerving between the shoulder, over the “rumble strips,” and into the left lane. The vehicle’s registration was also found to be expired. A traffic stop was initiated by the officer.

Authorities said the driver, identified as 53-year-old Shawn Larrimore from Seaford, exhibited signs of alcohol impairment, prompting a DUI investigation. Officials identified Larrimore as the Superintendent of the Laurel School District. Following the investigation, Larrimore was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. He refused a chemical test, leading to a blood sample being taken via a search warrant according to authorities. The results of the test are currently pending.

Larrimore faces multiple charges including driving under the influence of alcohol, failing to move over or slow down for a stopped vehicle displaying a warning signal, failing to signal continuously before turning, failing to remain within a single lane, and expired registration. He was released with a summons for a future court appearance.