Murder Victim’s Brother Organizes Against Soft On Crime Prosecutors

On Tuesday the official launch of The Caldwell Institute for Public Safety (CIPS), announced the launch of an innovative organization dedicated to combating violent crime across the United States. With a mission to foster safer communities through innovative strategies, combatting soft-on-crime prosecutors and legislation, evidence-based policies, and robust community partnerships, The Caldwell Institute is set to transform the national landscape of public safety.

The organization was founded by Gianno Caldwell, a TV host and political analyst. Tuesday marked the two-year anniversary of the murder of Gianno’s innocent teenage brother, Christian. Christian was tragically killed during a drive-by shooting in Chicago. This profound loss inspired Gianno to establish an organization dedicated to addressing the pervasive issue of crime and its impact on communities nationwide.

The Caldwell Institute’s team already includes a range of expertise from Dr. Drew Pinsky (board-certified physician and popular television host), Pam Bondi (former Florida Attorney General), Dr. Joel Fitzgerald Sr. (Denver Regional Transportation District’s Chief of Police), Ja’Ron K. Smith (former Assistant to President Donald Trump on domestic policy) and many other experts.

In cities across the country, George Soros-backed prosecutors like Alvin Bragg, Kim Foxx, George Gascon, and others have implemented policies that have allowed lawbreaking and violent crime to flourish. Data shows cities with progressive prosecutors often experience higher crime rates. Soros has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to influence elections at every level nationwide according to a press release issued by the group. “His goal is to reshape the U.S.A. by targeting and weakening our country’s judicial system. Funding more than 75 prosecutors who’ve prioritized prosecuting police officers over criminals has led to increased crime rates and instability in many cities”, read the statement.

According to the National Police Association, major retailers like Target and Walmart are closing stores in these same cities due to the failure of local prosecutors to protect communities, significantly impacting the local economy. The rise in crime disproportionately affects disadvantaged communities, further exacerbating social and economic inequalities.

The Caldwell Institute for Public Safety brings together a coalition of policymakers, health professionals, law enforcement, community leaders, and social service organizations to address the root causes of crime and violence. The organization’s multifaceted approach will include:

  • Support Services: Providing resources for victims of crime, including counseling, legal assistance, and emergency support.
  • Community Engagement: Building trust and cooperation between law enforcement and the communities they serve.
  • Education and Prevention: Implementing educational programs in schools and communities to address issues such as gang involvement, drug abuse, and trauma care.
  • Policy Advocacy: Working with local, state, and federal governments to advocate for policies that support crime reduction and community safety, including criminal justice reform and fighting increasing soft-on-crime policies.

The group’s website is